Friday, March 1, 2013

Vanilla Dome - Week 8

World 3 - Level 3

Week 8! What happened to week 7 you may ask? Well you see Week 7 was terrible. I was bloated and I had a terrible cold. I only lost 1.5lbs and I gained inches. Terrible, terrible terrible. So I skipped last week since I was in a down mood.  (I know there was nothing I could do about it, but it still sucked). So here we are at week 8. Week 8 was alright. I'm still bloated this week, due to being constipated. (sorry TMI). So I went up in inches in my stomach area again. Ugh, whatever. I only lost an inch this week, but due to my gain of inches last week, I'm just going to say I'm still at 41.6 inches total. (It might even be a little bit less than that, but whatever). Good news is week 8 (this week) I'm down 4 lbs. For a grand total of 43lbs! Yay! 

I'm also changing my weigh in days to Saturday Mornings starting the 16th. That way I don't have to eat or drink anything before I go in! Hahahahaha! Sneaky! I will check in next Friday!