Saturday, February 16, 2013

Into the Vanilla Dome!

World 3 - Level 1

Another week down. I had my official weigh in for my week 6 today. But let's first have a re-cap of how this week went down....

The beginning of the week started off really rough. I woke up Tuesday with the chills, body aches and a major headache. It was terrible. I didn't want to eat. I barely got in all my food for that day. Then the rest of the week I have had a cold. I can't take cold medicine because it's got sugar in it. My life has been hell. I really want this cold to go away. I have NO energy and it stinks. I also haven't been getting all of my vitamins in every day either. Hopefully this week my cold will get better and go away and I will get back into the swing of things. Thursday & Friday I was in Milwaukee and I didn't bring enough veggies for Thursday so I was a little short. ( but that's ok because I wasn't hungry anyways )

So after this crappy week I was presently surprised to see my numbers this week. I lost 7.5lbs (I think in part due to not getting enough water) and 6.6 inches! Which puts me at 37.5 lbs and into the next world, the Vanilla Dome! YAY! My total inches are at 41.6. Pretty amazing.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I will check in next Friday!!


Friday, February 8, 2013

2-3 (Week 5)

World 2 - Level 3

Another week down, Yahoo! My pants are officially starting to fall off. What a great feeling!

This week went by super fast and I can't believe it's already Friday. Next week will be super busy too. My next weigh in isn't until next Saturday because my fiance and I will be in Milwaukee Thursday & Friday. I'm pretty excited for out little mini-vacation. I also got a sheet of paper on how to eat out. It tells you what you can get and things you should ask for. So that's cool, I finally feel like a real human-being being able to go out and eat. I haven't yet but at least I know I can. But anyways let's get to the good stuff.

I lost 5 lbs. this week bringing my total weight loss for 5 weeks to 30 lbs. I lost 7.4 inches bringing my total to 35 inches. AMAZING! I can start to see the difference in myself in the mirror. Another 10 lbs and I will be in World 3!!

Ciao Everyone!! See you Saturday


Friday, February 1, 2013

2-2 (Week 4)

World 2 - Level 2

It's been another successful week! I am really starting to notice the change in how my clothes fit this week, which is very exciting and makes me feel like the weight IS dropping. Other people are starting to notice too, which is awesome and makes me feel great. I know I have a loooooong road to go before I get to my goal weight but I'm well on my way and off to a very good start.

This week was fairly easy compared to the last few weeks. Most of my cravings have sub-sided which is good and I'm finding new and creative ways to cook the food I am allowed to have. I also decided to take my wedding dress to my alterations lady earlier this week to see how many sizes she would be able to take it in. I know I have a ways to go, but I wanted to brace myself in case I was in for a surprise and having to buy a whole new dress. However, she told me that she would be able to take it in 2-3 sizes because the style and cut would be fairly easy to work with. YAY! I don't have to worry about getting another dress. So that is a HUGE relief.

So at my weigh-in toady I lost a whopping 3.25lbs, but that brings my total for only 4 weeks to 25 lbs!!!! Which is amazing if I put it in perspective. I don't think anything will top week 1, so I need to get that 11 lb. drop in one week out of my head. As far as inches go.... I lost a total of 7.7 inches!! And that my friends, brings my total inches to 27.6! Everything is just melting off. So that means I only have to lose 110 more lbs. to get to my goal weight. I can't wait until that number is under 100, and it won't be long either!!

Well everyone, I hope you all have an amazing week and I will see you next Friday!!