Saturday, January 12, 2013

World 1 Start!

World 1 - Level 1 Start!

Ok, I'm going to explain the Super Mario World Map. Right now the star is on World 1. Once I lose 18ish lbs I will move the star to World 2, etc. There are 7 Worlds total (I will have to get mini maps for the worlds that aren't visible on the main map) All 7 Worlds are worth roughly 18lbs totaling my overall goal of losing 130lbs. I just thought it would be fun to incorporate some of my nerdyness into this blog. Why? Because I can and so you will be able to track my progress just by looking at the maps if you don't want to read my ramblings.

Well guys I made it through week one! It was a very rough start. Going through the withdrawals of all the no-no foods I used to eat was rough. I didn't know if I had the willpower to stay strong and keep up with it, but I did it!! It was really hard a few days with friend and family get togethers with all the food I used to scarf down and overeat on.... I almost failed and ate the no-no foods, but I didn't. One word of advice, your first couple weeks, stay away from gatherings with no-no foods because it can really test the strongest of will powers. To my surprise I have been full after every meal. I thought this diet would be one that I would feel hungry all the time. I'm a big girl and usually when I eat to the point of fullness it's because I ate too much. And I had that ate too much feeling A LOT, so I started spacing more of the vegetables out and not eating them all with my lunch and dinner. Honestly, with feeling that full all the time, I didn't feel like the weight was coming off. I felt like I was still having my old eating habits and that this diet just wasn't going to work. Only one way to find out..... the dreaded weigh in!

I went in for my weigh in yesterday (Friday, January 11, 2012) and I'm not going to lie. I was super nervous. I really couldn't tell if I had lost the weight my scale said I did and my scale is pretty wonky anyways. So my IP coach weighed me in first and wrote down my weight quickly and turned and looked at me with a GIANT smile on her face. She then proceeded to tell me I lost 11 lbs.!! I was so ecstatic I could barely hold it in! Then it was on to the measurements. I didn't think that I would have lost a lot of inches, I figured it was mostly water weight and there is no way that there would be that big of a difference across my body. She wrote each measurement down after strapping the tape measure around me. Then she sat down for about 2 minutes and did the calculations. She covered the piece of paper with all the information I had been dying to see all week with her arm. She again smiled and looked at me and told me that I lost a total of 14 inches! I couldn't believe it. I shed some tears of happiness, that it was actually working. Now I'm not sure what inches were lost where... they measure your neck all the way down to your ankles... but to me it really didn't matter where they came from, I lost them and they weren't coming back, that's all that mattered!

So it's time to start another week. I can make it!! Having week one's results will keep me going!

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