Friday, January 25, 2013

World 2 - Yahoo!

World 2 - Level 1

Well guys I did it!! I made it to World 2 but I think I lost a few lives along the way! (Good thing for 1-ups, hopefully I can find some soon). This week wasn't the easiest and honestly my weigh in wasn't what I expected. But let's walk through what made this week so tough.

I started to get bored with the same ol' things and with it being week 3 I could finally have 3 "restricted IP foods." Once you get past week 2 you are allowed to have a maximum of 3 IP foods per week. This week I tried the Chocolate Pancakes (x2) and the Chocolate Soy Puffs. I made the Chocolate Pancakes into Chocolate muffins actually, and they were delicious but the Chocolate Soy Puffs were by far my favorite. I had a chocolate craving this week.... bad.... all thanks to mother nature. Isn't she wonderful ladies? I bet you can tell why my weigh in and measurements weren't the greatest this week, huh?

 I had more of the cauliflower rice which is delicious. But I didn't make it as often as I would have liked. This week I was really lazy and didn't feel like doing much cooking, so I really got sick of the same old raw veggies every night. I was also on a sauerkraut kick for about a week, and that ended Thursday. So now it's off to find another veggie that's easy and enjoyable (that's on my list of OK veggies).

So I hope this coming week goes better. I took away all my restricted foods since my coach suggested it to see if it helps improve my numbers again. I figured it can't make things any worse.(but sad, no more Chocolate Soy Puffs!) My coach warned me about weeks 3 & 4 and said they are the worst and can really deter people off of the program. So I guess in consideration with what else I had going on and it being Week 3, I should have seen it coming. My numbers had just been so stellar that I was hoping and praying my body wouldn't start to act "normal" like everyone else.

Well for my weigh in results. Drum roll please.......

I lost 4.75lbs. YAY!
But I only lost 1.5 inches this week...because I gained 2 in my stomach area, it threw off my inches for the week. LAME.

But overall I can't complain. I have to keep on trucking on because in just 3 Weeks I am officially down 21.75 lbs and 19.9 inches. 

Let's hope for better results next week!! I CAN do this, there is NO turning back now!


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  1. Good job Jess!!!! I can relate to food boredom, I usually spend far too much money on my breaks at Target, and I'm sure I've probably gained a bit of weight from it. Keep doing good though! Lately I've been saying to myself, "I don't NEED this!" and I get away from it and it seems to help. You guys can do it! I'm so happy for you!